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For the last 15 years I have religiously gone to the barbers and had either "a number 3 all over" in winter or "a number 2 all over" in summer. This costs between £4 and £6 a shot depending on where I go. Now half the time Mrs cisamcgu thinks it is a pretty rubbish hairdcut anyway so I was wondering if I would be better off getting a hair trimmer from Boots/Amazon/somewhere and using that myself. So, has anyone else done this (my hair is almost bald on top getting gradually thicker down the sides and back - classic male pattern baldness) and if so what is the best make/model/battery/mains/recharge type of hair trimmer. I don't really want all the bells and whistles rather just a good solid, easy to use trimmer that will cut between a number 4 and a number 1 with relative ease.

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Been using the old type with cable for 10 years - if you look after them they will last that long.

I use a Babyliss (just replaced my old one and got a new old one off eBay for £10 which is really good).

There is a new type now I see - don't know much about them but they are very popular on eBay.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
I went to the barber for the first time in years last month - and only because the clippers are in a box somewhere. I'd suggest that Mrs cisamcgu does the deed rather than doing it truly yourself. It takes about 5 minutes, and it's essentially impossible to muck up.

My haircut cost £13. My clippers also cost £13. They've done dozens of haircuts.


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I use a Babyliss one with lots of size attachments - our local barber charges about £8..... just not worth it . I go 3 sides and 7 top.......

The babyliss I have struggles with thick long hair, but if it's a maintenance job, then it will breeze through !


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The only thing I'd say is that you need to get someone to sort out the bit on the back of your neck... the bit that the barber asks you if you want cut 'straight' or 'tapered' (straight being the cool choice, of course). If you don't do something sensible with this bit you will look a bit of an eejit.
i used a rwmington wired clipper for just over ten years. Very reliable, just oil the blades when you use it with sewing machine oil or similar. I still have the comedy instruction video made by/for remington showing you how to "style" four "fashionable" haircuts which came with the clippers.

I treated myself to a babyliss wireless upgrade last year which I like. If you can afford it you can get clippers which don't need the blades oiled.

You need to get someone to check you haven't missed anything at the back if you do it yourself.


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I have been a hairdresser for 12 years now 6 of which were in a salon where I was a senior stylist (just do it as a hobby/bit of extra cash now). In this time I have tried a number of different clippers and without a doubt the best are always by WHAL. Its important not to get caught up in all the crap that comes with them. All you need is a solid clipper with grades 1, 2, 3 and yes you guessed it 4. what ever you do don't go for wireless excuse the pun but they just don't cut it. Also don't be suckered in with a free ear hair trimmer or fancy gimmick just keep it simple.

I had a Remington pair of clippers for my last pair and they were shockingly bad I have just gone back to WHAL £10 and you couldn't want more


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I used a Whal for years - was 'most excellent' but the extensions got lost........ and the 'better most bestest one' got rid of it........ TOO MUCH BILL AND TED THIS WEEKEND............ :thumbsup:


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I use a rechargeable waterproof one, & use it when I shower, Sooooo much easier! Just shampoo/shower gel then cut, No irritation, & saves getting the vacuum out!


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I have remington ones and tbh the plastic clips have broken on the guards and i am going to buy a new set and will probably go down the Wahl route. Agree that the cordless are cr*p


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I use a rechargeable waterproof one, & use it when I shower, Sooooo much easier! Just shampoo/shower gel then cut, No irritation, & saves getting the vacuum out!
+1, :smile:

As a self headshaver from the age of 16(26 years ago) - Mod / Scooterboy - I'd always swore by the Wahl. I still have it and all it's attachments after all these years(I'm like that).
A few years ago I was looking at all the wet and dry shavers available and decided on the cordless Nicky Clarke rechargeable with ceramic blades. I think I've had it about five years and its still going strong and I use it at least twice a week for a "0" finish. It's at least half the weight of the Wahl with no cable. :thumbsup:

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