Does anybody else here find these dangerous


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.....those parallel ridges on cycle lanes where other routes intersect it eg a ped crossing or other path. I've small wheels and when the path is damp/wet they're really slippery. Lost the front end on one once but just manged to straighten it out by luck mostly though.

It would be better to have the ridges going perpendicular to the direction of travel although this I know would be of no use to blind path ped users which is why they're installed in the first place isn't it? Not sure about that.

For this reason I avoid cycle paths on my small wheeled bike in the wet and this predictably annoys some drivers who don't know why I'm not on the path. The bigger the wheels the better as i've found out on my MTB.

Then there's the very thick white line on the edge of the path. One path I use makes me switch from one side to the other with the ped portion and then meanders around the bus stop and a few zig zag bits all with these dreadful ridges. Fell off once going over one of these wet white lines. Never used that particular path again.

Never use cycle paths on my road bike mind.


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I find they can be a particular problem with small wheels, especially if they are on twisty bits. I had an interesting moment on my Brompton once because of those (trying out a new route to Tescos- never used it again).

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They're a bugger in the frost too - there's quite a few on my route into Crewe. That said, they're better than the traffic in terms of survivability at the time I travel.


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They're a bloody hazard, and much worse on skates than on a bike. Another good reason to stick to the roads and stuff the VERY STUPID highway engineers who came up with that lunacy.
Probably someone behind a desk thought this up.

I always think of those traffic lights that have caught me year after year down the Mile End Road (Abbey Road junction just past Carpenters Road towards Bow)at 4 5 or 6 in the morning for god knows how many years and I think someone is having a laugh with the traffic lights timings while I cycle to work and they snooze in bed.


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I cycled home in the rain at 9.30pm last night and was feeling really ill so I was pushing my bike along the 10m cycle path/pavement. Thankfully I was pushing my bike cos the front wheel slipped and my bike fell.

My Mum is visually impaired and can't stand the bumps and stuff on paving slabs. She's terrified of falling over.


Sorry to hear that, surfgurl. I feel sorry for her. Maybe your mum could use a walking stick to steady herself, if she doesn't do that already that is.
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