Dolan L'Etape XL - Fully Carbon bike 56cm with Zonda Wheels

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Jamesandpie, 4 Apr 2018.

  1. Jamesandpie

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    I bought this lovely bike 2 years ago,

    I then broke a Guinness World Record with it, cycling to 7 countries in 1 day ( )

    And am now returning to sell it again as I really don't use it enough to justify.

    Fully carbon - weighing just 7.5kg with pedals.
    Campagnola Zonda wheels (cost £300 new)
    Carbon Seat Post
    Continental Grand Prix 4000S II tyres, (less than 500 miles)
    SRAM Rival 11 Speed
    Exustar pedals
    KCNC Pure Curve Handlebar
    56cm frame (ideal for 5ft 10 - 6ft 3)
    Water bottle cage included

    Slight damage to the handlebar straps from when it has been leaning against a brick wall, but easily repaired with some new strap. And a little bit of rust to a couple of the bolts, but just superficial. I have removed the rear tyre as it needs a new inner tube, but put a new tube in and it's good to go!

    Current retail price around £1,200

    Asking for £580

    Contact on 07814923638 - Collection only from Raynes Park, London.

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  2. Kernow_T

    Kernow_T Senior Member

    Potentially interested in wheels if splitting
  3. OP

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    Still available at £550.
  4. aserota

    aserota Über Member

    Is the bike still for sale? I'm interested
  5. OP

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    Yes still available.
  6. aserota

    aserota Über Member

  7. OP

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    Dropped down to £500 as I could really do with the money and don't have the space to keep it.
  8. OP

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    Still available, just dropped to £400. Needs a new tube for the rear tyre but otherwise it's good to go.
  9. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    You should fix that with a £4 tube. Otherwise, doubts could be raised about the general maintenance of the bike :smile:
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  10. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    Sound advice there for sure
  11. OP

    Jamesandpie Well-Known Member

    Fair point.

    £400 and comes with two fully serviceable wheels...(I'll get the rear one fixed this week!)
  12. colly

    colly Re member eR

    If only it was a bit smaller or l was a bit longer legged.
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