Downtown New York bike shops

My mum is off to New York on a girly shopping trip with some of her friends and has offered to get me some bike bits!

I've got the world's coolest mum!

Anyway, it's a bit of a long shot, but does anybody have any recommendations for a decent roadie shop in downtown New York?
It depends on what you want. I want to get some sidi mega wide shoes and am having difficulty here, and as I'm over in NY at xmas have narrowed down a few places..
This place seems quite good.. online catalogue or should that be catalog and prices.. .. a number of shops. don't know where they are in relation to macys and the traditional shopping meccas, but NY is fairly easy to get around.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
No, campag is a premium 'designer' brand in the US and is priced accordingly.

I found this out the hard way when in Austin, Tx and needed a new rear block. They only had Chorus and even at 2 dollars to the pound was way expensive. But at least they offered to fit it which was a nice gesture even though I had the means to do it myself. However, any glow caused by their apparent good will evaporated when I found out on collection it wasn't done for free, but that they charged 80 bucks an hour labour and 30 minutes minimum charge! It wasn't a bike shop - it was a bike boutique!


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Kirstie said:
Thanks. I'm after a campag compact double and some look pedals.
From checking out various websites campag stuff isn't any cheaper in the US than it is here.
I'd get both from Ribble Cycles, or perhaps Parkers. You will deffo pay more in the US for those items!
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