Dunnet head to Lizard Point

Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by Mad Doug Biker, 20 Apr 2010.

  1. Mad Doug Biker

    Mad Doug Biker Bikeoholics Anonymous

    Craggy Island
    Sorry I have not read any of the previous threads here, but has anyone ever done a Dunnet head to Lizard Point run??

    You see, John O' Groats is only the nearest town to the most northernly point (oh what about Muckle Flugga?? you'd be ****ing shocked!!) and Lizard is the most southernly point.
  2. shirokazan

    shirokazan Veteran

    Me too, though I can't see it happening anytime soon. :laugh:

    I think Anthony did this on his JOGLE (as well as doing the three peaks). Clearly, he's not one to do things by halves...:laugh:
  3. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

  4. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    You are right, I went to Dunnet Head and Lizard point on my JogLe trip.

    It seemed like the obvious thing to do because a side trip to Dunnet head only adds about 8 (hilly) miles to the journey and a trip to the lizard adds 20 miles. It doesn't take much extra effort to visit the most north and south points.

    Dunnet head is quite rugged and desolate and much more interesting than John O'Groats. Lizard point, although touristy, offered some impressive views.

    I would recommend travelling to these places if your going to do LeJog.

    Have a look at my journal to see some photos and more info.
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  5. shirokazan

    shirokazan Veteran

    When I did my LEJOG last June, I did go to Dunnet Head and agree with your remarks. Well worth the effort and only somewhat hilly for the last 2-3 miles, if I recall correctly. I didn't go to Lizard Point as this would have added about 30 miles to my route and I decided I didn't have time for it. That said, three months later I did a tour of Cornwall and visited then.
  6. kenny444

    kenny444 Regular

    Milton Keynes
    Hello could you throw light and information on your Dunnet-Lizard ride please, thank you. Ken
  7. Tigerbiten

    Tigerbiten Veteran

    I did all 4 cardinals on the way north on my first JOGLE trip.
    The Lizard is only a slight diversion south.
    The one most out of the way is Lowestoft and the most boring.
    If your going up the west coast then Ardnamurchan is a short lumpy 7 miles off the Mull ferry.
    Dunnet head is the closest to the main route.

    Easy ........... :biggrin:
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  8. kenny444

    kenny444 Regular

    Milton Keynes
    Thank you. I suspect that we may Start in Thuros ride up to Dunnet then down the east coast we have a family home in East Yorkshire, on to Lowestoft, home to Milton Keynes and then across to the west the Lizard and then Landsend. I have a particular fondness of the fish and chips at the regent cafe at the lizard. I am planning to ride only 80 miles a day as I am 64 soon and recovering from cancer and it associated treatment. I just hope to stay dry. All hints and tips accepted gratefully. Thank you again. Ken.
  9. Tigerbiten

    Tigerbiten Veteran

    If your doing 3 of the cardinals, you may as well do all 4.

    It's only ~60 miles from Fort Bill to Ardnamurchan.
    Or more scenic, round and down the west coast and/or islands.
    After that its down via Mull -> Arran -> Carlisle -> Barnard Castle to east Yorkshire.
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  10. bikepacker

    bikepacker Veteran

    When I did my first E2E in 2000 I went via Lizard Point and Dunnet Head. I have since done; home (Worcestershire) to Lowestoft, then to Ardnamurchan and back to home. If I do similar E2E again it will be either via all the compass points or the four corners of the mainland.
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  11. kenny444

    kenny444 Regular

    Milton Keynes
    Gentlemen: I thank you very much for the input, I shall be getting the maps out, speaking with my ride companion and looking at the logistics Food sleeping and laundry etc. May you always arrive safely.
  12. harnfield

    harnfield New Member

    Milton Keynes
    Hi Kenny
    would be interested in your thoughts about this cycle trip, possibly meet up as am local?
  13. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    I'd say visiting the Lizard adds and extra day to a trip depending on your route and distances each day. I've looked at a route I'm planning and it'd add an extra 20 miles out and 20 miles back back to the Lizard. If I decide to do that think I'd rather split that in two and stay at the Hostel at the Lizard.

    Is that A road down to the Lizard busy?
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  14. DCBassman

    DCBassman Veteran

    It can be, depends on time of year, as usual with Cornwall.
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