Emily Thornberry in cycle accident


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Reads as though she's ok, thankfully.

Heltor Chasca

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Thanks for the warning. Glad I'm not on Twitter. ^_^
It’s quite vile. Mainly fat shaming.

I’d rather not feed the trolls so if you need a link @Salty seadog help yourself in your own time.

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BBC using the 'accident' word (again). Sloppy reporting.
It isn't up to the BBC to apportion blame which is why the text uses the phrase 'in collision with'.

Of course, it may not have been an accident, the driver may have deliberately driven into Ms Thornberry.

But for the purposes of first reporting of what happened, describing the collision in a headline as an 'accident' is acceptable.

I gather that was the sort of stuff that littered twitter (heard of it only - am not on twitter)

Pretty sad when cyclists try to shame folk for riding a bike.

It is to be welcomed if parliamentarians ride bikes and are happy to be seen doing so.

(Boris excepted - he should just ride his publicity bike into the sunset)
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