England have beaten Australia!!!!!!!!!


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Gosh, they recovered quickly from playing Algeria, then :tongue:


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In the thread i made about the last test, when England lost and everyone around the country seemed to jump on their backs, i said "I'm proud of the Saints duo, Foden and Ashton made a great break, they should be let free to run more. Our scrum was just awesome, our front row was world class. Look forward to the next match, think England have the potential to beat them"... quite pleased with that ;)

Again i'm proud of the saints lot, Ashton has had a tough couple of months (father passing away) and to get his first test try is jut awesome! The sie need to build on this victory now.

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I wish I knew that result an hour ago when I was in the bar getting a rough time from the Australians and 'South Africans over the rugby scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't seen the score breakdown but 21 is divisable by 3 so I'll take a blind stab at 7 goals? As you may guess I'm a beered up fan of the other code.

On a serious note it's a good result and I'm genuinly pleased by the result :wacko:.
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