Factor 50 blindness

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Great sunny day, have been thinking about changing me current saddle for a charge spoon one, so though why not, take a nice cycle ride to the metro centre and evans :sad:

Checks bike / fills camelbak with energy drink / checks got cash! ... oh some Sunblock Factor 50 designed for children (granddaughters wont mind me stealing some) its scortching out there... few sprays on the arms and legs and a spray into the hands to wipe over my face.

Was about 2/3rds of the way to the Metro centre and the right eye starts streaming tears and becomes irritant, then the stinging starts (like nettle stings) ... pulls over onto the pavement and with the spare little bottle of water (I always carry) begins to flush the eye out. Now the left eye begins the same process.

water now used up and no shops open in the area I've stopped, so I'm left by the side of building with both eyes streaming tears and stinging like mad, was a good 30 odd minutes before I could see anywhere close to continue on to Evans.

Buys the saddle and fits it outside the shop (hard to do wiping away tears all the time) so can see whats its like on the ride home.

What normally is a 2 hour ride (there / back) has taken me 3 hours 45 minutes to complete (stopping to flush me eyes) ...that sunblock has gone in the bin and its designed for children and states on the bottle "None Eye Irritant"

Far less pain just getting sunburn me thinks!

Must admit I didnt notice the Charge spoon saddle at all on the way home :smile:


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Now then Norman .I was looking at the Charge spoon in Chevin cycles last weds .
I read about it on here .
I need a good saddle on my Dawes Galaxy now i have pinched the Brooks for my Spesh Sec Elite .
It got good mentions on here and on the www.

Only £20 or £25 is it good ?
The sunblock won't have helped, sure, but it was probably a mixture of sunblock and sweat pouring down into your eyes that did the business. I tend to avoid sunblock on the forehead when cycling, better to wear a peaked cap or hat or (if you ride with helmet) use one with a long projecting visor. But sweat alone can certainly blind me temporarily, though not as bad as your experience.

Mind you, we do have somewhere one tube of sunblock (factor 25 I think) which is specifically marked 'keep away from eyes'. It's an American brand, maybe USA rules about marking such things are stricter...
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