Family Tandem Trip


N Ireland
A few months ago I had started pulling together some dates, locations and destinations for a little trip with my two girls, now 5 & 6 years old. I was keen to hire out a Circe tandem for the experience and we ended up booking flights to Bristol.

Belfast to Bristol flight
Luggage - 1 x Salsa Dry Bag, 1 x Polaris Handlebar bag, 1 x water bottle.
Bus from airport to city centre
Walked to hotel and had a kip.

Tandem was delivered to the hotel and we spent 30 minutes+ with Bristol Tandem Hire as they talked us through the set up and did some paperwork for the hire. Then we were off..


We headed out towards Bath on the B2B greenway. It was pretty busy with all sorts of bikes. The signage was mostly good. A few hours later we were in Bath.


We got some ice cream and set about trying to find the two tunnels greenway. After faffing about Bath for a bit and asking some locals, we ended up retracing our steps to find the link bridge to the two tunnels. Still a lot of bikes but not as busy as the B2B path. The tunnels were fantastic but impossible to get good shots of.


On we headed to Wellow at the end of the greenway and hired a pony for a different kind of riding.


After some drinks and snacks, it was back on the tandem to find our accommodation booked through Airbnb. It ended up being <200 yards from the greenway. I squeezed the bike into the kitchen, made dinner and then put the girls to bed and relaxed for a few hours.

Day total: 45 miles.

We'd breakfast in the cottage, had a bath, tidied up and got the bags strapped onto the bike with the Polaris straps, which held everything from teddies, drinks, coats, a massive d lock and whatever else we ended up with. It was time to say goodbye to the cottage and get going again.


We'd passed a train station yesterday and checked it out and decided to have a ride on it today. We locked up the tandem, bought a few tickets and hopped on the steam train for an hour or so. A really relaxing start to the day.


The girls had wanted to head to the tunnels again, so once back on the bike we headed to Bath (but not quite) and took the correct bridge this time. I now realize that the sign for the greenway is obscured by an overhanging tree when coming from the Bristol side. Four tunnels later (2 x 2) we did a U turn to head back towards Bristol. The path was really busy today as the sun was splitting the trees though again, not as busy up by the tunnels.


We rolled back into Bristol around 5pm, just enough time for dinner and to hand the tandem back. Then we'd a bus ride to the airport, flight back to Belfast and mummy picked us up and brought us home.

Day Total: 35 miles.

Of course now, we really want a Circe Tandem!!

Mike Ayling

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What a great weekend and start to cycle touring for the girls!

That's a great story! Well done!
Love to see families out touring.
I was chatting to a couple last year and they toured when their kids were small in trailers then stopped for the toddler ages. Now that the kids were a bit older they were renting electric bikes for the kids (about 9/10) so they could all do decent distances.
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