Favourite Children's Film???

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Following the war film thread..... but a different tack. My little girl, soon to be 4, is just about capable of enjoying a 90 minute film or cartoon. She recently enjoyed Robots (suprisingly), The Incredibles, and the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

My favourites when I was very young (ie under 7 or 8 - by then Star Wars had come along!) were:

Pete's Dragon (which I fear is really very bad!)
Herbie films
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (scary child-catcher!)

What other films do you remember liking, which I might look out for???

Or which modern films are really good??


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Pete's Dragon was cracking. Mary Poppins was tremendous. It's the Master (step in time) etc.

Also seem to rememeber The Gnome Mobile was well received in our house.

Biggest disappointment when young was the Pink Panther films, due to the complete absence of the cartoon pink panther after the credits went up.


I thought films were pretty lame when I was a kid (4 going on 40) and only really appreciated them when I turned 13/14. Star Wars (obviously) and Blazing Saddles spring to mind but they're not kiddies films per se. In retrospect, I went to see Lawrence of Arabia when I was 8 (rainy holiday in Cornwall) and loved it. I was probably a bit old before my time.

Now though, the kids are spoilt for choice. Robots is deemed a bit babyish by my boys (4 & 7) and they prefer:-

The Incredibles
Digimon Movie (even though it's yonks old)
Herbie films (old and new - I prefer the new; wonder why?)
Toy Story I & II
Spiderman ( I'll watch just for Kirsten)

And we all loved watching Transformers on the big screen recently.
Finding Nemo (sadly can pretty much recite the whole script)

Not from when I was a kid obviously but I think it's just great. I've got a small model of Dory zip tied to the handlebars of my tourer.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...


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Wizard of Oz. Single best film of any sort ever made.


Jungle book,great fun
Snow white
Chitty chitty bang bang,saw this every christmas for what seemed like the whole of the seventies.xx(


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Yeah. The best bits are the race on the train at the end, and the part where the penguin takes the glove off his head and Wallace realises who he really is.

Absolutely, a classic. I love that moment when the penguin is flying through the air and ends up in the milk bottle.

We didn't get to the cinema when I was a kid, the city centre was a bit dangerous, so I didn't see all the 'classic' cartoon feature films - except for the clips they showed on Screen Test.

So I don't really have a favorite film from my childhood, more childrens films I like as an adult - Toy Story, Shrek, that sort of thing. Probably the one film I saw as a child was Watership Down, and I still love that.

And I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but to this day, when Jenny Agutter runs down the platform shouting "Daddy, my daddy!", I get a lump in my throat. Damn, I've got one now, just thinking about it...

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for kids now (rather than my own choice)

Wizard of Oz is still a great film (as already stated)
Finding Nemo
Polar Express is great (and nearly time folks)

my sons current top tip is spongebob square pants
and i actually look forward to watching it!

(i may edit this later if i remember a few more)
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