Fire up the replicators - an end to waste!

A new process introduced by the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into valuable graphene flakes. The process is quick and cheap; Tour said the “flash graphene” technique can convert a ton of coal, food waste or plastic into graphene for a fraction of the cost used by other bulk graphene-producing methods.

“This is a big deal,” Tour said. “The world throws out 30% to 40% of all food, because it goes bad, and plastic waste is of worldwide concern. We’ve already proven that any solid carbon-based matter, including mixed plastic waste and rubber tires, can be turned into graphene.”

The electric energy cost for FG synthesis is only about 7.2 kilojoules per gram, which could render FG suitable for use in bulk composites of plastic, metals, plywood, concrete and other building materials.
This really could be a big deal, making significant differences to CO2 emissions.

Even more importantly, you could make your own super-light bike out of bananas ^_^


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Even more importantly, you could make your own super-light bike out of bananas ^_^
When you read the announcement you get a pop up for the news letter:sad:
It is a shame to see a genuine innovator and entrepreneur fail.

A Bike Radar review of the bike reckoned it was stiff but harsh - if you believe that stuff about frames.

The website mentions builds from about £6K, which is not ludicrously expensive.

You could pay more for a high end Spesh or Giant, and quite a few bespoke bikes are now into five figures.
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