First Ride (in ninja quiet mode)


Bury St Edmunds
Took my first ride out today (after a couple of short runs to see what fell off / didn't work etc) since building it up, and all ran pretty good. 24 miles, mostly flat with a few lumpy bits (Suffolk).

After my test rides the chain idler was quite noisy, so i took it off cleaned it etc, and it was still noisy. Then I replaced the rubber o ring that was worn and stretched with a shiny new one (and added one to the other side that was missing) and it is now ninja quiet. Not sure how long the o rings will last, but at £3 for 10 it isn't going to break the bank.

Is there a recumbent specific cleat position, as i feel i need to lower my cleats a few millimetres (towards the heel)?
A mid foot position does work better for me. I’ve even thought of filing them a bit to move them further back.
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