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Not being a fan of any large football club, im a Walsall FC supporter, It saddens me that 5 of English footballs biggest clubs (and Tottenham) have officially signed up for the multi-billion pound European Super League. The intention it seems is for the 6 clubs to continue playing domestically and play the ESL in midweek, assuming then that they do not intend to compete in the Champions League. Also involved in the circle of shame are AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. 3 other clubs are expected to join but as of the time of typing, it is not clear as to which clubs that may be. I would guess that possibly the likes of PSG, Ajax, Dortmund, who knows at this stage. Only Bayern Munich is rumoured to be ruling itself out... The ESL will have 20 teams competing, the 12 clubs + 3 expected to sign up and 5 teams that qualify through their domestic leagues.

This is something that has been talked about for decades and is something universally agreed among fans is bad for them. These football clubs are huge businesses and they of course are not happy with their current level of greed. Its perhaps unsurprising then that Manchester United Co-Chairman, Joel Glazer will be Vice-Chairman of the ESL and the Chairman is the owner of Real Madrid and the other Vice-Chairman is the owner of Juventus... It is suggested that each club stands to receive $400 million. Mind boggling figures for a kick about in a field...

What happens now is anybody's guess. Uefa are furious of course and are reportedly suggesting that players of these clubs will NOT be allowed to compete domestically and for their national teams in all major competitions. With the above figures being thrown around, im not sure anyone associated with the clubs care. They will be immune from relegation and only play top teams which rake in the most cash. Whether the domestic leagues organisers will stand up to the clubs remains to be seen, but i would guess this is a power play in which the clubs will assume they are too big and too important to throw out of the domestic leagues. Whether Uefa will stand up to their threat again, remains to be seen. Personally i think they'll all bend after receiving their brown envelopes and allow the ESL...

For the small clubs this is bad news, less money in the game for them means many will go the way of Bury FC and disappear. Grassroots football is so important to developing players and giving disadvantaged kids from poor backgrounds a chance. Many top players come through the ranks of Grassroots level.

It seems then that the cat is out of the bag and i don't think there's any going back, it is a sad situation for fans of many clubs, fans are no longer required in a sport that has its roots in the working class, who'd spend their wages on an afternoon out with the family. Now, you need a small fortune for the privilege and i hope those who do enjoy football, consider supporting your local lower league club, should all this go ahead...

Thoughts are very much welcome.


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I thought Mark Chapman got it spot on on tonight's Motd2, flagging up that mega poster Man U have covering the Stretford End: "Football is nothing without fans" - Matt Busby, saying the current owners clearly believe that "football is nothing without a streaming platform in China."

Having said which, none of this comes out of nowhere. Football's been heading this way for years. It's all about money, and the money don't live here anymore...

A sad sad day for the beautiful game.


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I first heard about this Super League concept a few years ago and it sounded horrifying then but this has been coming for a while, especially since the Champions League/Europe League were set up. With the CL/EL, UEFA basically shut the doors on about 75% of Europe's clubs, making it impossible for smaller clubs to have a European adventure.

An example would be Aberdeen, the team I support. There were a few seasons where Aberdeen would start playing games at the beginning of July, qualification games for the Europe League. AFC would have, at best, a 2 week break before starting again whereas bigger teams in England/Europe would have a full 6 week break. AFC basically had no proper closed season for several years. This was the same for many clubs. They're at a disadvantage by having to play more games without a proper break, with a smaller squad, to qualify thereby making sure only the bigger clubs get to the leagues and the money.

The CL has been boring for years. Same clubs year in year out, as they happened to be in the right place at the right time when UEFA shut the doors, playing the same boring non-attacking football as they're afraid of losing and getting kicked out of the CL/EL and losing millions. Sod the fans who want to see exciting football, think of the accountants.

The clubs that are willing to take part in this super league also happen to be in debt. Barcelona is 1bn Euros in debt, Juve needs to find 100 million Euros by the end of June and Inter Milan needed emergency funding in Feb to keep them afloat.

Also, where's the money going to come from? Fans cannot afford to pay more, TV companies are not going to get the subscribers to pay more as the world's been in a pandemic, and has been more or less closed, for over a year now.

This isn't going to end well I'm afraid and UEFA are correct in challenging this but UEFA only have themselves to blame as they laid the groundwork for this with the Champion's League.
It is rather selfish. Power and the accumulation of wealth by a few and feeding on the masses who love football.

When EPL was formed it was similar and the noise eventually died down. FA lost all control and trickle down revenue to smaller clubs across 4 leagues and non leagues led to reduction in support.

Lets see if the fan clubs of the 6 will do anything as they are in position to influence only they are are not aware.


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Not much of a football fan, tbh, but it's even got Boris & Kier disagreeing with the concept.
It does seem strange to have 6 teams from Britain and 6 from the rest of Europe..
Is it 'us' that's leading it?
Football's been an ugly place for years.
Fans treated like scum.
All gone to pot since Blackburn Rovers stopped used a strip stitched together from panels and kids played Wembley of a summer holiday afternoon.

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If England's about to lose some teams, can I offer up a couple of ready made replacements with large numbers of gullible followers desperate to be fleeced? We won't miss them, you're welcome.


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Man City have been a very average club for most of my life.
Spurs have won very little of note
Chelsea were in The second division as recently as 1989.
Arsenal and Liverpool have both spent time in the doldrums.

It does stick in the throat of supporters that these club now want to pull up the drawbridge.
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I'm not a football fan but I can see fans disappointment .
Some people say that they will eventually get their way but they should be banned immediately . They did it with Kerry Packer and his cricket circus. Those players were banned from playing cricket .


Greed....did anyone expect any different ?
Also the likes of Spurs,Arsenal resent that they can hardly qualify whilst City/Chelsea have to share money with Rangers/Celtic !

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Is it 'us' that's leading it?
English clubs - including my team Tottenham - dominate the league table of the biggest clubs in the world, although I think Man Utd recently lost the top spot to one of the European teams.

Worth remembering this is about fans, just not fans in the traditional sense.

Increasingly, bodies in the ground are less relevant to revenue than fans prepared to pay to watch via various media channels.

No coincidence the new league is being led by an American sports company.

Over there, tickets to the ground are sometimes all but given away purely to fill it to make the spectacle more saleable for the telly.

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It's not going to happen.

The English clubs cannot reach a bigger global audience than the one they already have, there will be few if any fans, national broadcasters/audiences have reached peak football.

UEFA/FIFA will somehow give the big cubs a bigger slice of the pie and resentment will smoulder on both sides for a while, perhaps flaring up again at some point in the future, but for now it ain't gong to happen.
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