Forgot the wedding anniversary..


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Wearing your arse for a hat yet?


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Have you got the central heating on aswell ? Must be a bit frosty in your house at the mo '


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Today I bought a birthday present for my son. Thing is I wasn't sure which day it's going to be on and I could only give his age +/- 1 year.

On checking with my personal Ayatollah I found that I'd got the day and age right - the first time in 20 years....

I've never forgotten my Ayatollah's birthday or our wedding anniversary.


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I bet your face was a picture when you were reminded. :smile: :ohmy:

Gulp, startled look, blood drains, cold sweats, stutter, lie, re-compose, bullshit, extra super-human effort, nth degree accommodating, spoil ... mark 2011 diary and relax.


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
2Loose said:
'...but I feel like everyday is the first and best day of our union...' - no?

I've a better one:

"How long have we been married?" - uttered as a prelude to a serious bollocking

"Not long enough dear" - offered as a get out of jail card

It worked.

Shame I can't play it again.


Weird thing about dads. When newcomers' dads are filling in the membership form, the chances of them asking what the kids dob is is around 30%. Often know the day/month, but year can be a prob. :smile:

Mums always know, for some reason :laugh:


I just got away with it this year. Walked in the door from work, penny dropped as I saw the wife's paper bag from the local card shop on the coffee table, turned on my heel and dashed to said shop ASAP, backside saved!!! :laugh:
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