Friday Night is Bizarre Music Night


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Yes, it's that time of the week again. This week, music that makes you go WTF?, do a double take or just shake your head and think 'clearly I will have to redefine my notion of music' - names, youtube links and reasons would be good...

First up I give you Sunburned Hand of the Man... well, a man in a horse's head, dark screaming, sinister stuff going on... what's not to like?


Beethoven's Große Fuge Op. 133 Not bizarre perhaps, although was probably thought of in those terms at the time it was written. Described as an "indecipherable, uncorrected horror" in it's day, Stravinsky gets it right describing it as "an absolutely contemporary piece of music that will be contemporary forever".

The video is annoying and the performance quite mannered - it needs a bit more rawness. The Lindsay Qt do it justice, but only if you can put up with Peter Cropper's notoriously bad intonation. It makes Stockhausen's helicopter stuff look pretty pedestrian.


A honourable mention for Glenn Branca

As the wise youtube commentator rightly says:

"Whats the point of this? Anyone can play like that, even a person, who never held a guitar in his hands. This is just noise, and nothing more."


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Turn up your base and have your kidneys rattled by 'Sunn 0 >>>'
This is the music primordial slime would have listened to
Dare you to listen to whole lot.

Enjoy :evil:
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