Gawd almighty.


Firm and Fruity
We need to get back to the Reithian ethos of educate, inform, entertain.

Mind you, he was a jazz racist.
Steve Coogan came up with a good analogy in a recent podcast.
We have TV for the junk food generation.
Up to the mid 90’s we had 4 channels, you got fed a stream of content that followed the educate inform and entertain ethos. You got to watch some mindless rubbish but it was interspersed with news, documentaries and open university programmes which you watched because it was impossible to avoid it. And you had a balanced diet.
In todays media environment you can binge on endless crappy TV without ever having to force yourself to watch anything remotely good for you like endless junk food.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
Up to the mid 90’s we had 4 channels
Well no. Between the 80s and the 90s there were 4 channels. Before that there were 3, 2, 1and none.

There has always been junk media, from the yellow papers of the early 20th century to the gossip of every century.
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