Glastonbury festival


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I'll be at a lesser festival in Sedburgh. Much more intimate and a lot cheaper. it's too difficult to slot in Glastonbury during term time. Perhaps when I retire.....


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I went in 1982 and 1983 :wacko: Now I feel ancient. Got my camera stolen from tent, but apart from that, was great! Happy memories!!!
Twosmokesmcginty! :smile:

I went to Knebworth once - no idea when between 74-77 most likely,(my carefree student days) for fun frolics and Freebird. And, in the pre-thieving capitalist b****** days of tickets, saw Queen and the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park. "See" being a euphemism for being there - not seeing much at all - except two of everyone :tongue:


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Never been to Glastonbury myself but at a recent soiree it turned out my wife was the only one who'd paid to get in. Fence climbing was the order of the day, dunno if it's still the same?
One lady there used to be a nurse in the OD tent. She said she walked round giving people a kick once an hour to make sure they hadn't died. Young people, eh?


"You call Glastonbury Glasto
You'd like to go there one day
When they've put up the gun towers
To keep the hippies away"
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