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Hello everyone, I am new to the site (obviously), I typed into google UK Cycling forums and this was the biggest and the best one that came up. I am new to cycling, I used to have a mountain bike in my teens and always enjoyed riding it untill I bought a scooter and then a car and lost interest. As I have got older I have become a fitness addict and love doing physical activity. I love my running, swimming, football and I am a keen martial artist. The only one that was missing was cycling, and then I received a letter in my pay slip about the cycle to work scheme, I thought what a great idea. I then went onto do the scheme and bought myself a Trek road bike its a 1.2 and I love it to pieces. I have done over 300 miles in just over a month, the thing is with my work its 22 miles away from where I live so I haven't done it a lot but I have done it a couple of times and love it.

About me, my name is Matthew, I am 24 years old and a Aviation Fire Fighter at Southend Airport. I have two kids both aged around the same age nearly 2 years old (yes I know it doesn't add up you say?) one is mine Grace my daughter and the other myself and my girlfriend adopted Alex.

Anyway enough about boring you lot with my boring life, hope to get to know you all a bit better and post more often on here.
hello ricey. welcome


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Welcome aboard. 22 miles is doable, but a bit of a struggle to schedule in daily. A few do it around my way, but that's London and a bike is the only way to get anywhere fast :rolleyes:
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