Got a "free" bike


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Well, free-ish! I really enjoy riding the sirrus elite but I have been having thoughts about getting another bike for rougher rides-nothing extreme but rougher than the sirrus could handle. Then a mate said I could have his sons Claude Butler mountain bike if I wanted it as he's out grown it. He's 5"10 and as I'm only 5"8 it should be perfect. They paid about £400 and it's hardly been used but the rear dérailleur needs replaced along with the chain and cassette. I've been quoted £80 by the lbs to replace these and service the bike so I'm quite chuffed!

I don't know the exact model,only that it's a hard-tail. I know claude butler make good road bikes but does anyone have any opinions about their mtb?

At this rate I'm going to need a bigger shed.........


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they make very good mtb`s the alpina and cape wrath are cracking bikes
older and cheaper butlers used rst shocks that werent up to much think they`ve sorted that out in recent years though ,
gears should be ok acera or deore rapid fire , again watch if older bike and disc brakes
no major problems just heavy compared to modern ones and mechanical unless alpina or wrath .
sounds like its taken a thump to the back end there or just needs stripped cleaned and oiled ?


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Hi Joe,
looks like a good price - I am not really familiar with those bikes.
Recently got myself also a free bike, this one was £0.00 - I posted a WANTED ad on the FREEGLE mailing list and someone replied offering the bike (see my album for pic). Put some extra things on - mud guards, prop stand, pannier rack, bell (!), bottle holder and new handle bar grips. I like a traditional bike. Just need lights now (probably dynamo with stand lights). Just get to ride on weekends, about 10miles in total. At the moment I am trying to build up my fitness which is almost non-existent ....


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Unfortunately i live in sticks , freegle is not close enough to me population wise to work.

I am a member of freecycle but tried a wanted bike add for a winter hack with no joy, the odd bike that does come up is gone in seconds as i think some people scour the adverts for stuff to sell , and no one seems to mind or wait to see who is the best person to pass stuff onto.


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Thanks for the replies guys,but theres been a development!

Turns out the bike fits my mates wife so hes going to get it repaired so they all go out as a family. To be fair,hes quite right-no point in giving away a bike if he can use it!

Never mind,just have to look on ebay!

It was only going to get used as a "hackbike" anyway,just something to use and abuse(just like the wife!!):laugh:

Sorry dear if you read this........................


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Learn to use ebay. Learn to use 'Advanced search', to do things like find things within 10 miles of you. Learn how to save searches. Keep your eyes open for bad listings - especially bad photos. Bide your time. Do your homework. There are *still* serious bargains to be had. Good luck.
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