Greta Thunberg. Saviour of the planet, or what?


Obviously an Aubergine
How about building a house using 'Cob'


Wind back twenty years that might have been my preference, or straw bale, earthship, reciprocal turf roofed roundhouse hempcrete, rammed earth.. or any other variation of 'full hippy' homespun options. :rolleyes:

I've been involved in a few such projects.

Did the whole knit your own knickers, weave your own yoghurt thang for decades.

Some might suggest I still do :rolleyes:

And cob is the trad vernacular in this area.

Although at a micro level not actually right here as there's not enough clay, it's sandy loam and pebble beds.

No clay, for several miles this side of the river.

But balancing up embodied energy, time to build, cost, building regs etc.

Timber frame, with state of the art insulation, lots f solar gain from big windows in the south side, some kind of centrally built cob or brick mass, wood fired heating system, will make more sense.

The design is 75% done.. It's just implementing it..

Once upon a time I'd have loved the idea of handcrafting a cob house..

I guess that's partly what kickstarted the journey from landless farm worker to farmstead owner, in the first place, but aspirations, motivations, other interests and energy levels can change over time.

Plus I've lived in a damp rented cob cottage for years,..
Cute - but.

Tiny windows, Lots of rat runs in the walls.

I want light, warmth, and relative ease of maintenance now.

Maybe a handfashioned cob garden room, and pizza oven - just for fun.

Anyywayyyy.. Back to tackling climate change.

I'm already trying to do my bit..
Let's hear what everyone else is up to :angel:
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