Happy Brexit Day



What? It's not happening? Who'd have thought...
For not the first time in my life, I am regretting not having a more diverse heritage. I don't want to live anywhere else but I do want to have a permanent link to Europe.
The sad, if ironic thing is that this means our boys lose their Japanese nationality in this process.

I'll be glad when the applications are over: it's been very stressfull for the last few months.


...... :laugh: politicians :banghead:
Gives us a bit more time to get our citizenship in order: almost there...
Just got back from the Einbürgerungsamt myself. Everything in and correct bar my B1 language test, which I failed on my grammar. It was a close run thing with good scores in everything else. I've been told as long as I have everything else in and proof of a resit date booked, then I'm still eligible for dual citizenship. So it was satisfying to see everything get stamped and approved today. Just need to keep working on my German writing now.
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