Happy International Women's Day

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by CrinklyLion, 8 Mar 2018.

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    This one from BBC2. NSFW, but to the point.

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    I shan't click play 'cos the 10 year old is in the room, but I think I recall that episode :biggrin:
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    And before anybody else asks . 19th November OK
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  8. 1200px-World_Toilet_Day_%28WTD%29_logo.jpg
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    You don't think our friend the subject of the Poo Watch thread is going to try to last until November, do you? ...
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    Chicken factory in the middle of bloody nowhere, Russia....

    9CAEC7B6-FA19-4DE0-A0E2-49213724376E.jpeg BE9E54A4-A7BA-4334-8DC0-84FEEA631C23.jpeg

    Those Ruskies really go to town. It’s a 3 day celebration. The men have to bring gifts, all the women got a red rose. Most of the men I spoke to about it couldn’t wait for it to be over....
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    Should this have been named 'World Women's day' ?

    Not every women can travel abroad.
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  12. The day is international, not the women.
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  13. New York Times is making up a little of the gap in recognising women with 15 obituaries of women who they neglected at the time of their deaths. Some are shocking, like Sylvia Plath, Charlotte Bronté and - now I have read about her - Ida B. Wells. Some make sense - probably no one understood the importance of Ada Lovelace and Henrietta Lacks when they died. That's what I've got from a cursory glance.

    Lots more to read!
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    Spotted on a friend's facebook feed :smile:
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    And all in the same weekend!
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