Help...I buggered my chain!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Bigtallfatbloke, 30 Jun 2008.

  1. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    ...It was still making some horrible clicking noises when ridden and I thought I may as well try and shorten it after least I'd learn how to split the thing etc....which I seem to have now done, however my chain is now way to short:sad::ohmy:

    I eventually cracked the chain using my multitool cracker and a workshop table vice (which I am sure to have with me on tour right:biggrin:)...I then eventually fitted the powerlink....which clearly arnt as easy to fit as everybody elses...I must have bought the pain in the arse version.

    I took out 3 links...I only wanted to take out 1 but ended up doing three and replacing the powerlink so thats 3-1=2 links shorter. The pedals turn and I can shift gears except to the biggest cog and the biggest chain wheel...well i can do that but man is the chain ever TIGHT. I suppose it's back to a LBS with a deep wallet again...but befor I do so is there anything I can do myself?
    I have a shimano 9 spedd chain and I have learnt the hard way just now that these are impossible to re join using the same pins...I heard there is a better chain I can that right? Which one? Will it work with my shimano cassette? why is cycling so expensive?:smile:
  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    It's not, taking your bike to bits in your garage and then being unable to put it back together again is. :ohmy:
  3. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    ..but that is all part of the fun right?
  4. 02GF74

    02GF74 Über Member

  5. stephenjubb

    stephenjubb Über Member

    put two powerlinks in to replace the two you took out
  6. sleuthey

    sleuthey Über Member

    Chains are £3.99 from an Asda or Tesco Hypermarket. You can get a good Shimano chain on Ebay for £7 inc postage.
  7. Soltydog

    Soltydog Guru

    near Hornsea
    I've just fit a 10spd KMC chain on my road bike, much cheaper than the previous Shimano 105 chain & seems to run a lot smoother & comes with an easy to use powerlink, not the PITA version :tongue:
    Quite a few on ebay
  8. jags

    jags Veteran

    when you say it wont go into large sprocket at back ,what ring are you on at front you should be on the middle or smallest.hope fully you have it sorted by now if not just add on a link.
  9. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    ok I took it over to Biketraks and for zero cost they took alook, tinkered with the derallier, and told me that I had taken out the correct number of links after all and that the chain was the right length, however muggins here had run the chain through the derallieur all is now well. The guy felt that the frame size was cool for my height given I have very long legs...he felt the saddle should come up a fair way further...I will try it, but I am already suffering from altitude sickness on rides!
    ...nice bloke, cool advice, no hassle, no booking in needed and all for i bunged him a fiver for a drink. I will probably end up buying my roadbike from there now because of this. Bike traks brentwood high street essex.
  10. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Result! :ohmy:
  11. leoc

    leoc New Member

    result! I also learned the hard way that you can't join shimano 9 speed chain without the special joining pins or a power link. In fact I learned whilst out of the saddle on a climb, doh!
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