Hi from Oakroyd


I've been a member on here for a while but never got round to crossing the welcome mat!

I've been a student in Newcastle for a couple of years, and hope to stay up here for as long as possible.

I used to cycle to school/college/uni everyday typically covering the 3/4 miles in about ten minutes. But since moving closer to the city centre I have noticed both my speed and fitness have fallen off markedly! Maybe a few too many beers at the Union.

I was a member of the Uni cycling club but didn't really connect with them, and have been out with a local road club but ended up more or less getting blown out getting back only with the aid of a push!

Hopefully will be able to get out with some of the guys on here to increase both my speed and endurance.



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Hi oakroyd,

Good to have you on board.

It can be difficult sometimes to either get motivated, or get your riding fitted in with whatever work/study schedule you have.

Are you able to set a specific day/afternoon/evening aside once per week to go out on the bike? just to get into the swing of it, and then maybe slot some more riding into your routine as you get used to it again?

Cheap uni bar is a big pull though ... :biggrin:


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Hello and Welcome Oakroyd - even though you've been a member almost as long as I have. :laugh:

There's plenty of time to get yourself superfit, if your still at Uni. ;)
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