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Funny how they cry about what China is doing, but still allow any fascist to buy stuff from BAE etc and drop it on hospitals and weddings and stuff.

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Can someone please remind this idiot that no-one in Hong Kong, China or anywhere else in Asia, pays any attention to the UK anymore. Don't give the hardliners in Beijing an excuse.
If no one in China pays any attention to the UK how does a few words from an electioneering idiot try to look hard give the hardliners in Beijing an excuse, unless they are already looking for one. It is the violence rather than Hunt's words that give them an excuse.

The real problem is not Jeremy Hunt (never thought I'd ever say that) but China who now say the handover agreement is just a historical document, despite the fact it was for a 50 year term.

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Riding backwards into the future
I last went in 2015 when the protesters blocked off Connaught street, it was fairly friendly and the police kept their distance. There was already concern in the late 90s that Beijing would meddle with the basic law although LedgCo seemed more liberal than it is now. I always felt the locals i worked with were glad uk rule was over but nervous about the future.
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