How far do you ride each week at the moment?

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I am interested in how far everyone is riding each week so i can judge if I am doing ok by comparision. I know it's whatever works for each individual but i though it might be intereseting to honest now;):biggrin:

I am riding between 200 and 235 km a week (unloaded)


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Between 250 - 300 miles per week (loaded)

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250-300 yards unloaded, coming back from the offy, fully loaded.
( I do, by the way, jest )
Up to about 30 miles a week now after a break for various reasons, just trying to get the ole legs spinning again.


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About 50-60 miles at the moment, but I haven't really got much time to get out at the weekends which would up that. I'm also doing about 30 miles a week running.


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I do about 30 miles a week but it is very variable depending on where I am working in Bristol.
Only about 100-160km per week now that I am not a commuter anymore. Though I do spend an hour a day on the turbo to keep everything ticking over nicely, and if I have a big weekend coming up I generally increase to 1.5hrs a day on the turbo.
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