How fast do you go?


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Just wondering how quick everybody is, so what are your average speeds on your commute?

My average is 11mph there and 13mph back, all over 4 miles. The route I use has some pretty big hills which tends to eat my average. Along the flat parts I am usually flying along at about 20mph.
Getting progressively faster, AVS of 13 now from 11.9 a month ago. Not a lot but then, I only do commuting and the occasional scenic detour at the moment since running is my priority until after the 23rd
5 mph.Well it feels like it...I'd say well it says 11.5 mph average but that includes walking all over Waterloo concourse.Waterloo Bridge shagged me tonight till I recovered from it and farting about at work all day.


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On my old commute it'd be around 15mph I think....I managed just shy of 19mph once which was pretty impressive. I was in a real rush to get home so just went for it.

That's a 13 mile commute (not hilly, a little undulating).

My old old commute was 15 very hilly miles (could hit 40mph+ down a hill there and back) and that'd take about an hour and 10 minutes or so.


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Averages are interesting to look at, but pretty pointless to compare.
Due to living in London and commuting during rush hour i have to be aware of the traffic and have to slow down to a snails pace at points. This means my averages can range from 12.5mph to 15.5mph but my true cycling average is around 17mph.


17 - 19mph but I have a couple of 8% hills to get over that keep my average down. It is not till the flat stage that I can make up for the hill and get my speed up to 23-25mph. My commute is 23 km each way.
I second what gaz says...

Work is over 10 miles, nearly always under 35 minutes (total not moving), so ~17-18mph av for work.

Mostly rural, not flat and only 1 mile in town.

And it's getting better as I've only been keeping consistent mileage up the last few months. :smile:

The last 7 months recorded by my gps, minus the last month I haven't updated it, and includes a few rides out with other "non cyclists", says...
av speed 24.8km
av cadence 91rpm
av heartrate 165bpm
max heart rate 200bpm! (jitter maybe)
If I commute on the MTB I have a 16 mile route I use which is about 40% off road, my average for this is usually around 14mph.

On my roadie I have a 14 mile route (which i sometimes extend to 18 miles) and im usually averaging 18-19 mph.

But I would get hung up on averages, especially when commuting. Not only does it depend where you are commuting, but so many other factors can affect time.


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Average commute speed over the last 4600 miles or so is 19.5mph give or take, it's nearer 20mph since I got my Boardman Hybrid... but that's on mostly open rural roads where I rarely have to stop due to traffic being so light. If I was commuting through the middle of cambridge you'd be looking at taking 5mph off that average easily.


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I'm building myself up to being fit enough to commute the 12.5 miles to my current job. I did 10.8 at an average of 14mph. I want to be able to get to work still fresh and not sweaty or smelly (I'm a supply teacher) so I'm working o my fitness and speed. The last mile into work will be a long grind up hill to the school through the village the school is in. Idon't want "Get off and milk it". Or whatever the current abuse is to a cycling teacher. But I thought 14mph was good for a first effort over a distance close to what my commute would be.


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I currently average 19 -20 mph for a 18 mile run each way - both directions take in a fairly big, long hill. Winter times that drops to around 16 - 17mph
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