How to remove glue off jersey ?


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Received a new Bioracer jersey today (same as Stolen Goat) but there was some dried glue on the front, right shoulder. The supplier offered an exchange or a 25% off which is what i decided to take as i thought i may some how be able to remove it or at least make it look reasonable. Heres a picture of it:


It's almost silicone like so i wonder if it's the stuff that is on the inside of the sleeves and the waist line or at least something to do with that. I put it through the wash as i had my kit from this evenings ride to be washed and it has slightly improved in that the edges are slightly broken up and i could pick off some odd bits but 90% of it is still there.

Before i go any further does anyone have any smart tips ?


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Into a bag, and then into the freezer.
Treat as for chewing gum.

Or as a more localized solution, use ice along the glue you want to remove.
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