How to save the planet...


Here. It's easy! The Environment Agency's panel of experts (all anonymous no doubt) have told us how to do it, so get saving now! After all, I always knew it was a doddle to persuade:
2 Religious leaders to make the environment a priority for their followers
and, after all, I have plenty of schemes up my sleeve to:
5 Encourage households to generate much more of their own power
(I'm wondering how I'd set about it in my own household BTW. Set up a bicycle-powered treadmill: the wife and I take turns while the other cooks dinner?...)

Alas, cycling doesn't even come in the top twenty (it's at 31 apparently) but we can't win all the time.

One thing baffles me: surely the biggest energy producer of the lot is 'use the bodily wastes created by a panel of experts from the Environment agency'. That's surely good for at least a month's worth of energy for the whole planet...
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