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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Chuffy, 27 Oct 2007.

  1. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    Saw this on a rare visit to BR. If this cheating git and his slimebag lawyer win, it's the end of out of competition testing for cycling. Oh and probably every other sport too. One blood pumping toad is so keen to cling to his career that he's prepared to shaft every honest sportsman/woman and sports fans too. Nice. xx(
    Any thoughts?
  2. Zoiders

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    Ice Station Zebra

    I think profesional cycling as it stands is on its arse

    The way out of it is uncertain, more focus on the amatuer scene perhaps, more importance to be placed on olympic/commonwealth events

    More no strings attatched government funding and not corporate, we should have learned the lesson when Tom Simpson died

    We didnt.
  3. Brock

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  4. girofan

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    xx( Without wanting to go 'over the top', eastern european sportsmen have used performance enhancing drugs ever since I can remember, and I go back a long way!
    With the collapse of the Soviet Bloc the gangster culture has thrived in these states, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were not involved in not only drugs for cyclists, but for other sports as well.
    Kasheshkin is probably to the Russian Mafia what Sinatra was to the American arm of the organisation.
    I realise that the drugs problem isn't exclusive to Eastern Europe, but their history indicates that what was once state sponsored, is now the preserve of private enterprise, ie the Mafia.
    Mafioso have good lawyers. This how they stay one step ahead of the law.
    This character of Kasheshkin's fits the profile and one can see more challenges coming from East Europe than from the West in future.
    Depressing isn't it?:tongue:
  5. the legal profession aren't bothered about right and wrong, it's all about winning and money.they're as bent as the cyclists.(allegedly:biggrin:)
  6. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Is this a "cycling issue" at all?

    This is a bout the whole drugs testing philosophy. It just happens to be a cyclist, let's not forget that in the wider perspective cycling is a small sport and conveniently enables the spotlight to be kept away from other sports.

    Crown Bowls apparently is the sport with the highest ratio of positive tests!
  7. Zoiders

    Zoiders New Member

    Ice Station Zebra
    Yes it is a small sport

    But it leads the way in performance enhancing drug abuse

    Which is then taken on board by the other sports, cycling is diferent to all other athletic events in that its main forum for international competition is almost entirely comercial, driven by advertising

    Its not like world class running or similar that relies on up and coming young amatuers who rely on sponsorship, scholarships, and burseries

    Its business pure and simple, that why they cheat so much

    Crown bowls always tests positive becuase its competitors are not athletes, it does not make a difference what drugs they use it doesnt make them better bowlers, half the old duffers are on some form of prescribed medication anyway
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