I think Trump deserves his own thread ....

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Somebody must advise him on his facial make up choices and hair styling, do they really have his best interests at heart?
I think not. They probably just don't want to get fired.
Giuliani is being investigated by the Bar Association and he could be disbarred, which means he'd lose his ability to practice law. It's all coming crashing down. The saddest part of all this is it could have been avoided if the idiot Republicans would have just voted to convict and remove him from office during the first impeachment trial. The attack on the Capital is as much the fault of the Republicans in the Senate as it is Trump's.
I think the Dominion peoples lawyers want a large slice of Rudy and the OTT Powell. I understand the game as a version of WWE or WCW with lots of booing and pretending but I think its going to cost them both, some of the allegations were scandalous on the defamatory spectrum.


Listening to the Impeachment debate
Rep. member from Washington has just said
He took an oath to defend the country from all threats - foreign and domestic. Last week there was a threat to the Capitol and the people inside it and he did nothing

He will vote to Impeach as a result

Good point - that is probably all you need really
Most Republicans are saying - "yeah but what about BLM" = OK - fine
different subject - feel free to do something about pursuing the violent rioters

but this is about trump and the invasion of the Capitol

they need to stop diverting and stick to the subject
And I don't remember BLM even attempting to storm the capitol.
Yup, that's pretty much how I imagine it.:laugh:
Me too.^_^
it was a premeditated inside job

Panic buttons in the congressional office of Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., were removed, without explanation, some time before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol last week, according to her chief of staff.

Sarah Groh told The Boston Globe that, during the Jan. 6 riot, she looked for the buttons in the office as she and her colleagues attempted to barricade themselves inside. Pressley's office confirmed Groh's account to NBC10 Boston.

“Every panic button in my office had been torn out — the whole unit,” she told the paper. According to the Globe, Groh had not been been told why the buttons had been removed, though she had used them before.
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