Identify my Dawes anyone ?

I bought a Dawes Horizon Tour on ebay recently and with lashings of solvent and soap splashed it back to glory. New cables, brake pads, tyres and mudguards. Campy Ergos to shift the 8 speed and it is just a delicious tourer !
I'd like to know more about it, specifically which year.
It has Shimano C201 hubs and chainset. Acera 8 speed gears. There are no Reynolds stickers but with a seatpost of 27.0 I believe that might be 501 ? It's blue with stickers for 'Ardaznailz' - the finish. The only other stickers are 'Tour Series'. Dawes is stamped at the top of the seatstays.
Anyone recognise this setup and can say more about it?
(Pictured today at Balquhidder in the central highlands)


sorry no idea mate... but great looking bike though


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Not much help, but I have a 2002 Dawes Horizon and it has a sloping top tube. Sounds as if yours might be late 90's, but that's just my guess.

I think the Campy levers might be someone's custom modification.


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That's interesting. I thought it might be 2001 / 2, so probably earlier .....
The Campy levers are my addition. I'm too used to modern shifters. They are cheap, work with 8 speed Shimano and don't have a tangle of cable to get in the way of a bar bag.
Thanks for your help.

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Thread hijack time.
I see on the downtube the bosses for the cable adjusters look like they come separately and are screwed to the frame. Does anyone know where these can be bought? Also, does anyone know where the adjusters can be bought? I've a few aluminium frames with seized adjusters. If I ever buy another aluminium frame I'll strip them out and grease them before first use.
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