Indyref 2


This won't go away.
Westminster unionists may wish it would , but it's not going to quietly slide off the agenda.

Government ministers now stacking up the votes of other parties in the general election to use as an argument was to be expected.
They still like to pretend that Scottish independence is all about the SNP as this suits their agenda of defending the Westminster gravy train.

Today the Scottish secretary started waffling about a " majority in the 2021 Holyrood election" when he knows the Scottish parliament uses a voting system designed not to have a majority .

Boris has started coming out with the " once in a generation " quote.
This never appeared in any published documents or leaflets.
Alex Salmond in answer to a question said once " in my opinion it's a once in a lifetime ..."
The same politicians who have spent years ignoring or slagging off anything he said have latched onto half a sentence.

So while the UK parties want to talk about anything else and the media choose to mainly ignore it , Indyref 2 is not going away

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My personal view is that there should be a second independence referendum and I'd like Scotland to leave the that's my cards on the table (I was born in the UK but my father's family are from Scotland).

I think a lot will depend on how Brexit plays out for those north of the border. It also depends on what comes out of the Alex Salmond case and Nicola Sturgeon's role/non-role in it. She's a canny politician and if she isn't implicated, I would put money on her gaining independence for Scotland.


I've said it before, it's only a matter of time.


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The consensus on CC for the past couple of years seems to be that a small country leaving a larger union where it enjoys free trade with its biggest customer base and free movement of people and has built up established education, science and security ties is a bad thing that will lead to economic disaster.

This may or may not be true of Scotland, only time will tell (as with the UK and Brexit). But at the end of the day if there is a genuine desire amongst the majority of the Scottish population to be an independent country then that is the way it has to be.

I only hope that such a seismic change does not come about because of a 52/48 majority or it will just be the start of more problems.
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