Jeremy Kyle Show axed...

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Oh I've only got Countdown to watch. Whatever will I do with my afternoons?

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Perhaps a combination of the two

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More like the panic of the television company as it realises it could get its ass sued off.
Sued for what?

A mentally ill person kills themself a week after voluntarily recording a telly programme that nobody has seen.

Don't get me wrong, I think the programme makers should be ashamed of themselves, but not just for that episode, but the whole lot.

ITV is balancing commercial income against some public revulsion.

I say 'some' because, like it or not, the programme was very popular with the daytime audience.

Never over-estimate the taste of the public.

My suspicion is following the death, advertisers would not want to be associated with the programme.

That killed it faster than any other consideration.


Hurrah. My only thought is what took them so long.
Now can the media start pruning all the other exploitative ‘’car-crash’, freak-show and instant non-entity wanna-be tv?
Very pleased it's been taken off the air, the show was akin to human bear baiting


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There is an off button and a switch on the wall if you don’t want to watch this kind of tv. More hand wringing and bleating about the death of Ask the Family, and the dumbing down of Britain. Where oh where will it all end? We are all doomed to a future where our brains are pure mush. Etc etc.
All this is a matter of viewpoint: quite frankly Countryfile makes me want to blow my brains out, and I could happily assassinate Fiona Bruce if ever the Antiques Roadshow rocked up near me (not really - exaggeration for effect only, before the ten bob lawyers chime in). But I defend the right of other people to watch such puerile drivel.
A million people tune in to the Kyle fellow.
(As an aside, just have a peek at how long it would take the average alcoholic or drug user in this great land of ours to get rehab via the NHS. Strikes me there are some bigger questions lost inside this story, that we are not thinking about...)
All entertainment is exploitative: you lose something; you gain something, maybe.
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