Jockey wheel fell off rear derailleur


Lost the thing that holds it in place and the derailleur is bent out of shape a little. Not really keen on forking out for another derailleur. Is there anywhere I can buy a jockey/flywheel with a screw thing that'll fit it? It's a Shimano Alivio from a Kona Fire Mountain.


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You can buy jockey wheels separately and any bike shop should be able to supply you with the allen bolt which holds them in place.
However, if your derailleur is bent, it probably will not work as well unless you can bend it back to exactly as it was.


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Is it 8 speed?

These are the cheapest jockey wheels I could find.

Bolts on Ebay. They aren't cheap in the shops :laugh:

Not sure if a 10 tooth (6/7 speed) will work on an 8 speed chain. But if it does try these.
Wait for someone to confirm this first or count the number of teeth on your remaining one.
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