Just watched 'its a Wonderful life' for the first time.


South Somerset
Never seen it, i watched scrooge, the BW version.

Keep waiting for the remake of that where scrooge says sod this and blows the spirits to hell with a bazooka.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Mawkishly sentimental innit.
Miserable twat.
I think I screened it in 1981, showed it in our student center at University. I thought it was six reels of heavy horse crap, then and now. If you want to see a great film from 1946, see the Best Years of our Lives, which swept the Oscars, best picture, best director, best actor, best supporting actor. All Its a Wonderful Life got was a Golden Globe for Best Director. Want to see a good Jimmy Stewart film? See the Shop Around The Corner (1940). Lubitsch and others could direct, and Jimmy Stewart could sure act, when in the right vehicle. 1951's A Christmas Carol,with Alastair Sim, still a great and mighty effort. Merry Christmas, and thank you, Great Britain, for showing us all what a Christmas movie should look like.
Original Oceans 11, pretty good as well.
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