Kids say the funniest things!

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SWMBO has just had her citizenship ceremony. When Leo, 2.5 years old, saw the Mayor in his big long red robes and black tricorn hat, he yelled out "PIRATE!" ;)

Anyone else's kids shown them up in public?

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At the age of about 3 I once told a man who was smoking on the train to stop it.

He seemed rather embarrassed and did stop as he wasn't supposed to be smoking anyway, but my Mum still apologised for me.

A classic one (in our house) that my Mum told us once was when she had Cindy out for a walk when they met a boy.

My Mum was talking to him about Cindy and eventually he asked my Mum

'When she (the dog) was run over and lost her leg, why didn't they take the other back one off at the same time and put it in the middle so she doesn't fall over so easily?'.



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We were out at the weekend and there were some Morris Dancers. My youngest who is two kept pointing to them and shouting "Funny man"...............

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Dropping the youngest, Jake, in at nursery we had to go up a narrow staircase, we where waiting at the bottom as we could hear someone coming down, I could tell it was a woman from the sound of the shoes so when the Jake asked who was making the noise I said "I think it's a lady coming down the stairs"
As she came around the bottom of the stairs she said hello to us, Jake shouted "That's not lady, That's to Fat!"
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