Knee Pain!!


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Can anyone give me advice!! Ive been cycling for 7months now and completed 2600 miles, this is due to a charity ride im doing on the 25th July from London to Edinburgh. My last few big rides I have developed pain on the right knee on the outer side just above the kneecap, it hurts on the downward stroke when applying pressure and worse in headwind. Ive tried to move my seat position and followed advice from online web sites i.e plumb line from knee to pedal axle, seat height etc.. If anyone can offer advice that would be great as the big day is getting close!!!
So many things can impact you knee it's hard to pin point what could be the problem.

Some of these things could be (in no real order)...

Cleat positon on the bottom of your shoes? Do your toes point in, out or straight?

Cadence and torque; do you slowly hammer the pedals or spin rapidly?

Do pedal with knees straight (inline with hip and pedal) or pointing either in or out?

Seat position, either fore 'n' aft and height, is your seat too low?

Do you stretch after every ride?

If there is any really damage, you almost need to get off the bike know and rest the knee before your ride.


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Sounds similar to the symptoms of Illitobial Band Syndrome (ITB)! An over-use injury that manfiests itself as pain in the outer hip area or along the outside of the knee and in under the kneecap.

Look online for some specific stretches and exercises to help.

Also its worth noting that even though its an over-use injury, it is usually caused by muscle imbalances which mean its under more stress than it should be, hence becoming inflamed, or in some cases bonded to the surrounding tissue with scar tissue. You should try to asses this and do some strengthening exercises to improve your posture and gait.

The fact it hurts most on the forward stroke and down which is similar to the stroke of running down hill also points toward this injury as the pain is usually worse when descending stairs or hills when running with the injury.

Of course this is an internet forum though, so you should talk to a doctor or physio for a proper diagnosis.


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I was in the same position a week ago after my first 100 miles. I went out with my cycle club on a 45 mile club run and after about 10 miles i was going to give up and return home, but i decided to keep pushing and the knee pain went compeatly and has been fine for over a week now.


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Thanks for all your advice and I take this on board, who said cycling was easier than running!!!
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