England : Kent Last leg of 2012km Dover - London Tandem ride 29/8


Here for rides.
Whilst doing the London Nightrider last month, on a tandem with a blind stoker as it happens, I was approached by a member of the White City Lions Club called Matthew Alfred. I said I'd promote something he is involved in here on CycleChat in case anyone is interested in taking part. It's best descrived in his own words on a post he's put on the Tandem Club forum

Hello all,
My name is Mathew and I am writing on behalf of the London White City Lions Club. We will be hosting a small tandem team (3 bikes + 2 support staff) riding 2012 KM from Hungary to London.
The Stokers will be partially sighted. In order to make this a success we thought it would be a good idea to have some outriders ride with them from Dover to London or any part thereof.
They will be arriving in Dover on August 28 and leave on the 29th to arrive in London to coincide with the opening ceremony of the Paralympics.
So the invitation is for a few of tandem riders to join in with us as we ride with the team from Dover to London.
Should this interest you and if you need more information please feel free to contact me at the number below.
Mathew : 07702935802
Thank you and hoping to hear from a few of you to help make such a remarkable trip successful.

White City Lions

When I spoke to him he said he was just as interested in solo riders accompanying these intrepid types up from dover to the coast. I'll see if I can get some more detail on timing off him in the next few days.​
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