LIDL heart rate monitor, help please.

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I bought one of the heart rate monitors from LIDL, as listed in their current special offers, £9.99.
I am no stranger to HRM training, having had others before, so my queery is not about that aspect of this device.
The package appears to be very good quality for such a low starting price and after testing it over a 30 minute run, I found it to be quite accurate and informative.

However, the instruction manual states that there are 2 main training modes to this device, one being called CHRONO (Simple Training) which is detailed comprehensively in the manual, the other is called TIMER (Intelligent Training Menu) which is barely touched upon in the user manual.

Does anyone else have one of these who can fill me in on what I am missing, for as I see it, there can be very little difference between SIMPLE and INTELLIGENT training programs.


Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Don't know the answer to your question Gunner, but can only guess it may be something to do with setting the alarm for lower HB as well as higher HB so that you keep within a range!!!!!


Someone's imaginary friend
Can't help you, Gunner. I thought maybe it would be like the Tchibo one I used to have, but that didn't have either of those modes.

Quite glad I upgraded to a Suunto -- at least they're user manuals are on-line!

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