Long-Bailey sacked for sharing anti Semitic article


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Serves her right. Fair play to Starmer for acting decisively for a change.


She withdrew the allegation and apologized. It seems like somebody was just waiting for an excuse to get rid of her.
As far as I can see, it was the author of the post she re-tweeted who withdrew the allegation and apologised.

Grauniad says "Long-Bailey said her initial tweet of clarification had been made in “wording agreed in advance by the Labour party leader’s office”, but that Starmer’s team then instructed her to delete both her original tweet and the update, which she refused to do".


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Apart from one bad tempered post we haven’t heard from the far lefties. I wonder why? Sounds like Starmer is being hauled over the coals by some of Corbyn’s mates this morning. Oh to be a fly on the wall.
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I'm not up to date on all the machinations and power plays that go on within the Labour Party.
But I wish they'd stop squabbling like this.

There may or may not have been some genuine anti semitism within the Labour Party I don't know for sure, but there are racists and other 'ists' everywhere it would seem, in all of us even.

But this seems to be a massive storm in a teacup,

Long Bailey retweeted an article, which contained a reference to the kneeling on the neck til death ensues, as allegedly being a trick learnt by American cops, from Mossad.

I don't know if this figures as a 'conspiracy theory' or not.

It's more an allegation as to training received which either is, or isn't true.

But it seems to come up over and over this confusion as to what constitutes being 'anti-semitic'

I don't see how criticising the Israeli State for its activities, which as far as I know comprise, land grabbing and using extreme violence, of a fully modern armed state to oppress the Palestinian Arabs of they resist, who then retaliate with homespun explosives and stone throwing.

To object to the violent, and oppressive, activities of the Israeli State is not 'anti semitic' its just calling for an observation of human rights, and the cessation of annexing other peoples lands.

Isn't it, or have I missed something??

I object to those things that the Israeli State is doing to the people of Palestine.

I don't think that makes me anti semitic does it?

In fact I'm not even sure what 'prejudicial notions' about Jewish people, I would be supposed to hold, if I were to become antisemitic.

The people I know who are Jewish are all opposed to what the Israeli State is doing to the Palestinians.

Are they anti-semitic too??
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