Long Commute

:evil: That puts me to shame!!

Are you commuting that back the way as well?:biggrin::eek:


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I'd say that as he posted at 9.30pm last night, it's pretty obvious that the 65 miles was for the day (so 32 and a bit miles each way).

Still, steady on Gothbert. Did you manage to wake up for work today?
yorkshiregoth said:
That was the total mileage. Normally I do a 34 mile round trip but yesterday I was all over London.
I ride in from Feltham to Kentish Town each day yorkshire and do about the same. (55km) Do you hit all the potholes on the Staines Road/London Road etc or just the odd roadworks barrier laying on its side...The workmen can be viewed as fossils in some parts of that commute! :evil:


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There are enough potholes and roadwroks barrier on the Great West Road to contend with. Had one of the workmen tell me to slow down the other day.
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