Lord Bath


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
Sad news. The world's a less interesting place without him. RIP.


Slippery scientist
I very briefly 'met' him* a few years ago, and was in his company for a little while. He was, on that occasion, pretty reserved although still flamboyantly dressed.

*I was attending a horse trials event at Longleat as the owner of one of the competing horses - my horse was placed and I collected the prize from him - handshake, "well done", that sort of thing.


As above , really lovely man


Firm and Fruity
A bit of a blow towards the legalising of polygamy. :smile:

A sad loss of a very amusing and colourful character. :sad:
He was an interesting guy, he sent his children to the local comprehensive.

But rich eccentrics get away with far more than poor people.

Imagine if he lived on a council estate and had over 70 affairs.

Would he be viewed in such a good light.


Formerly known as Woodenspoons
North Yorkshire
I met the guy many moons ago in the eighties. He was quite barking. We had a very strange conversation about the benefits of drilling holes in your head: trepanning. As I understood it then, I think he had done this to either (1) himself or (2) a parrot. Funny how time chips and erodes ones treasured memories.
I’d also challenge @Beebo s view that rich eccentrics get away with more than poor ones: I could take you in any direction in this neighbourhood to some very strange, poor people. Oddity isn’t the preserve of the rich.
Poor chap anyway. Good painter. Interesting, colourful thinker.
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