Lozza Fox and the Reclaimers


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The Mayoral election seems to be bringing them all out. Maybe he has a bet with "Dr" Gammons from the UKIPs as to who can get the fewest votes?

Anyway, they see the election as a vehicle to keep on the telly. Presumably Fox isn't happy that everyone appears to have forgotten about him. Run for Mayor of London, make controversial statements and hey presto..... airtime!

Piers Corbyn who is apparently also running in the election will give Fox a run for his money in the wacky COVID conspiracy league table. Piers Corbyn was apparently knocking around my area last weekend. Even in a hugely left-wing area as mine, he was apparently resoundingly told to fark the fark off. And then fark off some more.

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It’s time to bring back an old traditional sport where a quarry is chased by hounds and ripped to pieces. It would be like hunting but with the first letter replaced by a C....


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There’s quite a selection of RWNJs for us Londoners to choose from this year. Should be fun ^_^

or does it stand for something else?


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Sadly it will provide lots of airtime to his anti woke agenda which will be disproportionately higher than it should be given the votes cast.

I still don’t understand who is being silenced.


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Corbyn's a LWNJ surely? I think the Corbyn Fox contest does have the potential to be a lot of fun.
The London Mayoral election looks like being pretty dull from the front-runners. Khan is so far ahead he might actually win it on the first round (which would be the first time this has happened in this election). The Tories appear to have rather given up.

So the media will be casting around for something interesting to stay. And up pop Corbyn, Fox and a myriad of other idiots/charlatans to fill the void.
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