Lozza Fox and the Reclaimers


That campaign went really well, didn't it?
So the moral of the story is, if you want a slogan on the side of a bus to produce results it needs to be a lie :whistle:.


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It costs £10000 to stand for London Major. And you need 5% of the vote to get it back.
That’s a big deposit to lose.
10k is a pittance when you have the pairing of "help, muh freeze peach" and its natural bedfellow "please donate to my crowdfunder"


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Count Binface is running again.

If the result looks like a Khan shoe-in then my vote may go to the Count as I would love to see him beat Foxy.

My favourite policy of his is to allow Czechs on the Irish border to remain.
You can do both with the two vote system. First to Binface and second to Khan. No-one other than Khan has a hope of winning outright in the first round and if Khan doesn't make the 50% mark then second votes count.

It is rather a reflection on the quality of candidates when a man with a bin on his head has a more sensible world outlook than some of the other - supposedly more serious - contenders.
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