Lush 'Anti Spy Cops' Campaign


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Brand advertising on the News... it's one way to sell more smelly soap and bath bombs i guess.
I think that Lush are right to support the campaign for the victims of the 'spycop' investigations. I also think that using the abuse of those victims to sell soap is pretty squicky - and that is kind of what it looks like they are doing.

I'd need to do some rummaging to find it, but Lush rings some alarm bells too for being not-as-ethical-as-they-purport-to-be in a few ways, from some stuff I read a while back.


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The United Colors of Benetton campaign worked, people still remember it :smile:. Lush, like Benetton, have a choice about how to advertise their wares. People have a choice about whether or not to buy Lush products. They also have a choice about whether or not to be influenced by Lush's advertising. People who enter into relationships in good faith with men who are lying through their teeth on a salary paid for by the taxpayer do not have the luxury of true informed choice.
Prying into the last moments of a dying man's life didn't make me want to go out and buy their T shirt, but hey!, it
must have worked for some.


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But they haven't done that...

"The campaign will support the already active #SpyCops conversation and aims to highlight the current lack of progress of the Undercover Policing Inquiry and the granting of anonymity to key police witnesses."
Their underlying reason may be that but the advertising is: 'Paid to Lie' and 'Police have crossed the line'. I don't agree with the way a very small minority of the police went about their work years ago, but also I don't think that this is the correct way to remedy that, no matter how much expensive smelly stuff it may sell.


Lush makes me feel slightly nauseous when I go past thier shops, the smell is over powering .

They appear here to be trying to make money out the victims, which is poor form (IMO).

Regards the whole undercover thing, that is an ethical minefield.


? You mean is it ever justifiable for the police to be sh@gging potential suspects under false pretenses in order to get a result?
Yes, do the ends ever justify the means?…. males seducing females, females seducing males , engaging in criminal activity, allowing criminals to perpetrate crime in order to catch a bigger fish or to ultimately stop a more serious crime etc etc.

I'm not advocating it, I'm asking the question.
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