Macc Monster 10/10/2010


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I might enter this - hopefully between now and October I can get fit. ;)

No mention of entry price though? Or size?

edit: just did a trial registration and the whole site seems a bit unstable. Links broken left, right and centre, plus a dodgy paypal link. Hmmm.


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South Wales
Just seen this advertised. Anyone have any info on what the route is like. It appears........hilly :smile:

7000 ft climbimg over 100 km is going to be demanding.

By coincidence I have just come back from a couple of days in the Peak district. Its not called the peak district for nothing but the roads seem to make good use of the contours and nothing horrendously steep.

Coming down the A54 from the Cat and Fiddle road towards Congleton was great. nice surface and some fast descents.





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I can vouch for this event. The Kidderminster Killer is a fantastic audax.

It is WORSE ( more pleasant with better views ) than the Sequoia Century 200, organised by the Western Wheelers, Palo Alto.
That ride has bugger-all views for 120 miles except endless pine trees and mountain switchbacks.

If you want to tackle the 10,600 ft of climbing, there might be a reward when the route overlooks San Gregorio naturist beach.


Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know the route has been confirmed, so aside from last minute road works we're good to go!

It's not too much of a peddle shredder to we'd love to see you come along!

Sign up today!

Remember: Just by participating you'll be helping KidsCan Children's Cancer Research Centre.

If that's not good enough reason to get out on a bike on a Sunday morning I don't know what is!

Many thanks,


How much of the entry fee goes towards the charity?
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