Macron Slapped on walkabout


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I heard on RTL French radio today that President Macron had his face slapped by a demonstrator. A 28 year old man was arrested and charged with GBH. He risks 4 years in jail and a 43 000 euros fine. That is the maximum sentence he can have by law. There is a lot of debate on French media about it and what the Judge should be doing.
This is a first in French history as no President has ever been hit in that way before.
Macron is very unpopular at the moment and Presidential elections are due again in the next 18 months I think.


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Four months in prison. Probably about right. Some role-playing fantasist with far-right impulses (had a copy of Mein Kampf, according to some reports) acting alone. still lived with his mum.
macron’s popularity is up in the latest polls, btw. Marine le Pen comes in with the highest unpopularity rating. And the gilets jaunes are pretty much a joke these days.


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It does matter how much you dislike someone physically violence is not acceptable
Although that doesn't seem to stop the hard left calling for violence either.


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Although that doesn't seem to stop the hard left calling for violence either.
Who are the hard left?
Just for balance. The last MP killed in UK was by a far right EDL UKIP supporter.
Trump instigated the Capitol Hill riots.
Other than totalitarian states like Belarus or China there is very little physical violence against politicians. And the odd slap in the face gets rightly punished.
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