MBK Rock fighter


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Hi, my name is Kevin and I am new to this group and new to cycling.
Someone has offered me a MBK Rock Fighter for £50 is it a good starter bike.
No i am not looking to make the 2012 olympics just need a bit more exersize.;)


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Hello, good evening and welcome!!!

I've not come across this bike, but a quick Google turns up a few second-hand ones for more than that. I wouldn't necessarily expect great things from it, but for £50 it looks good. Plus points are no suspension and no disk brakes. Cheap disks and suspension are rubbish and weigh as much as a small elephant.
Got a photo of it you could put up?


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Hi, I've had an MBK Rockfighter for 15 years and its bullet-proof! I've beaten friends using £1,000+ bikes in Mountain Triathlons loads of times

Its had loads of abuse, but comes back for me each time. It's probably not the lightest bike around, but If I lost this I'd definately hunt down another one.

And its French ... they seem to know a few things about bikes :tongue:
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