Mhairi Black "And when it goes unchallenged it becomes normalised..."

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by CrinklyLion, 9 Mar 2018.

  1. CrinklyLion

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    "and when it becomes normalised it creates an environment that allows women to be abused."

    The (IMO) extraordinarily eloquent MP speaking on the subject of misogynistic abuse she has received. Please note that the following video from the Channel 4 News facebook page contains very explicit language.


    Or alternatively hosted on with a bit more beeping.

    It is outrageous and ridiculous that someone in the public eye should have to put up with that kind of {insert expletives of choice here} simply because they are a woman.
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  2. AndyRM

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    Whitley Bay
    Mhairi Black is probably my favourite politician. Has made some great speeches and the only retorts seem to be base heckling or crass insults.
  3. Time Waster

    Time Waster Well-Known Member

    Normalised? Hell yeah!

    The bosses at work dismissed a guy for not fitting in. At first I thought he was alright, a grafter and someone to keep. Then I heard his "banter" in the canteen. It makes every example of mysogyny that was given by that politician seem mild. He never used the word rape but it was what he was saying.

    What about the mostly guys around him? They laughed and one finished his food then got up. The women there? Nothing was said. There were some very strong, opinionated, confident and honest speaking women there but they only screwed their noses up or ignored it like they didn't hear.

    What did I do? Nothing! I'm the problem too!

    Oh I can justify myself by saying there were too many guys there, his friends not mine or he's a big bloke with a violent past so it's best not to get involved. But at the end of the day it takes one person to stand up to these guys. One person to make they first stand. Confront them with words and I bet you'll end up with support. But only if you are strong enough to stand.

    Sorry for my waffle but it's so true what she said. And it's time, as a man, to accept that the change needs to be us.

    PS that guy at work was basically dismissed because he looked at a director funny. I had been talking to some colleagues about his disgusting "banter" which did get to the directors but it was his attitude to senior men in the company that got him dismissed.
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  4. glasgowcyclist

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    Some journalist I've never heard of was saying on Twitter that many would fail to understand what she said because of her accent. I've no doubt he understood every painful word of it but doesn't want to acknowledge the problem and instead seeks to divert attention away from the message.

    Why do so many men find a strong, confident, intelligent woman to be threatening?
    To me these are appealing qualities.

    Mhairi Black is an absolute gem, I wish she represented my constituency.
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